Residential Electrical Contractors in NJ

Whether you are a building contractor or a homeowner, you deserve reliable electrical services. EM Electrical Contractors has extensive experience providing top-quality residential electrical services to customers throughout in NJ. We offer a full range of electrical services for residential homes including:

Residential Electrical Contracting Services

    • Air Condition-Connection and Installation
    • Ceiling Fans Installation

    • Code- Consulting and Violation Repairs
    • Computer-Cabling and Networking
    • Concealing Wiring

  • Home Entertainment
  • Generator Installations/Repairs/Maintenance
  • Indoor/Outdoor lighting
  • Mobile Home Wiring
  • New Construction Electrical design/wiring
  • Pool and Hot Tub Connections
  • Permit Services
  • Renovation Wiring
  • Security Lighting
  • Solar Panels
  • Wiring and Conversions
  • Water Heaters Wiring
  • Home Inspections

Solar Panels for the Home

Tired of high electrical bills? At EM Electrical we install convenient and comprehensive photovoltaic (PV) power equipment packages designed specifically for residential and commercial applications. Our PV packages use the latest modules and are engineered to optimize system performances and meet all NEC (National Electric Codes) guidelines. All major PV system components, disconnects, and grounding equipment are included, so you can generate your own electricity.

This will save you money, and customers can earn money from the electrical company by selling your energy. Since your home or business is linked to a utility’s distribution lines, any excess power you produce flows back to those lines. This is called net metering. Instead of the Electrical Meter Reader keeping tabs on your electrical consumption, you are able to be your own power generator and supplier.

Schedule an appointment today for a free evaluation. Our trained technicians are available to assess your home or business.

Tax Credit

The Federal Government are offering 30% tax credit incentives for Solar Panel installation thru December 2016.
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Customer's Reviews

I am more then satisfied. Will called and told me he'd be here in 30 minutes. He was neat and well skilled in his trade as a electrician. Made two holes in ceiling to run electrical wire and patched up other hole when done. Installed paddle fan. He cleaned up after the job, remove his dropped cloth and vacuum.

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